Liz Buckfield

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Liz Buckfield

‘Eclectic Life’

Exhibited April 2013


Liz Buckfield was born in Bath in December 1981. Growing up in Radstock, North Somerset Liz eventually moved to London in 2000 to study for a degree in Graphic Fine Art. Four years later she returned to the West Country where she now works and resides in Bristol.

Her portfolio is an eclectic mix of works, ranging from Photoshop illustrations, drawings, mixed media paintings, illustrated official documents and oil painted street signs. Her works are a commentary of modern life today, often touching on the dark and twisted realities of life but applied with comically humorous undertones; the brutal honesty of her work can sometimes be provocative and disarming to the viewer.

Among her most interesting works are the collection of illustrated documents, including bank statements, her birth certificate, medical appointments, bailiff letters, various certificates and such alike. Liz began to illustrate these documents as a way to recycle them and put them to use, and after a while realised that she had so many that it was a project in the making. She believes that people respond to this work because everyone- especially those living in the UK- has these kind of letters and paperwork. The project is partly a critique of modern life and a commentary on bureaucracy, and also an attempt to be unflinchingly honest in this illustrated documentation of her life so far.

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