Louisa Mahony

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Louisa Mahony


The Rough with the Smooth is an exhibition of new prints by Louisa Mahony. The prints are all taken from recent paintings and are full colour on giclée 100% cotton paper. The title of the show refers to the quality of the hand brushed rough surface of the original paintings encapsulated in the slick and beautiful smooth surface of the paint. The casual gesture of the brush mark is not lost but rendered in saturated colour with clarity onto high quality paper. Against this white background the subject shimmers in splendid isolation.

The point of departure for all Louisa Mahony’s works is always drawings derived from her environment, but never drawn from life; these motifs and memories build an alphabet of favoured forms and a personal palette that hovers between abstraction and figuration. Whilst appearing familiar to an audience the subjects may not be entirely known. The images make reference to still life, sculpture and cartoons. The paintings become visually polysemic (having many meanings) inviting both conscious and unconscious connections to be made by a viewer.

This exhibition is curated by Charlie Caldecott who has become known for his pop-up galleries in Bristol and is the third collaboration between Charlie and Louisa.

Louisa is an Alumna of Kingston Polytechnic 1988-1991 where she studied for a B.A in Fine Art and Chelsea College of Art and Design 2004-5 where she studied for an M.A, also in Fine Art.

Her recent group exhibitions include the Schwartz Gallery, the Charlie Dutton Gallery, The Royal Academy Summer Show 2012 (one work), the Royal Academy Summer Show 2015 (two works) and Period of Grace in Bristol.

She had a solo show at the Schwartz Gallery in 2014 called ‘Hourglass marries Egg’ which was selected for Time Outs First Thursdays Top 5 Whitechapel shows.

Louisa has worked in both this country and abroad and currently lives and works in London.

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