The Cream of Bristol Art Gallery at Harveys Cellars exhibits local contemporary artists from Bristol and the surrounding area.  Gallery space is offered on a commission basis and we can invite our online database to attend an early evening private view.

All types of art are considered: wall art, abstract, contemporary or modern and there are two separate areas in the gallery to showcase the art.

Artists who wish to be considered for showcasing their work to the local community should please get in touch via the link at the very bottom of this page.

Bristol Cream Gallery is currently showing


Louise Mahony

‘The Rough with the Smooth’

The Rough with the Smooth is an exhibition of new prints by Louisa Mahony.

Louise’s recent group exhibitions include the Schwartz Gallery, the Charlie Dutton Gallery, The Royal Academy Summer Show 2012 (one work), the Royal Academy Summer Show 2015 (two works) and Period of Grace Bristol.

The prints are all taken from recent paintings and are full colour on giclée 100% cotton paper. The title of the show refers to the quality of the hand brushed rough surface of the original paintings encapsulated in the slick and beautiful smooth surface of the paint. The casual gesture of the brush mark is not lost but rendered in saturated colour with clarity onto high quality paper. Against this white background the subject shimmers in splendid isolation.

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