Selecting a dram to taste and savour can be quite a difficult task. There is so much choice when it comes to whiskies that it can be really quite confusing. As well as all the complex and intricate flavours from whiskies produced in the highlands and lowlands of Scotland, or the special blends and editions created in Ireland and of course not to forget the famous bourbon producing states of Kentucky and Tennessee, there are also the many different types of whisky to get to grips with: single malts, blended or grain!

Why not come and break up your weekend of potential mayhem with a personal whisky tasting in our historic private Harveys bar where we will discuss the qualities of a youthful vibrant and light whisky versus the irresistible and seamless blend of flavours that can be easily distinguished from a dignified whisky when you know what to look for.

Or if you want to entertain the more mature members of your party for a couple of hours in the afternoon or early evening why not come and taste some very old rare sherries. We offer a range of fortified wines that have been certified by the Sherry Council for their outstanding quality and which have been aged for at least 30 years, sometimes much more due to the intricate maturing process that Sherry goes through before it hits the glass. Paired with the right tasting fares we will show you that Sherry truly is an underappreciated little treasure of the wine world.

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