Sherry and the Mystery of Palo Cortado

Sep 19, 2015 | All, News

Sherry & The Mystery of Palo Cortado

For many years Palo Cortado sherry was one of the least well-known wines, and indeed was a rarer type of sherry considered unsaleable. In recent years however it has been “rediscovered” and it’s now highly prized.

Palo Cortado comes about accidentally. It starts life as a fino or amontillado sherry which inexplicably loses its layer of flor (yeast) and then becomes a sherry more similar to an oloroso (with a similar alcohol content of between 17-22%). The name Palo Cortado (literally means “cut stick”) and this refers to the cross mark made on the outside of the barrel to denote this type of sherry once discovered.

An Andalucian film which took part in this year’s Berlin Film Festival (2015) showed a film produced by Antonio Saura entitled ‘Sherry y el Misterio de Palo Cortado (Sherry and The Mystery of Palo Cortado)’. For a trailer of this movie with English subtitles please click here

The Harveys VORS Palo Cortado was recently voted as being “the World’s Best Sherry” so if you haven’t tasted the wonders of this great wine then come and try some at Harveys Cellars!

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