Walter Dirks

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Exhibited May 2013


A Canadian by birth, Walter Dirks is a long-term resident of Bristol. He is a gifted and experienced professional photographer who achieved a Fellowship at The Royal Photography Society early in his career. The distinction is the highest that The Society offer and is given for original work and outstanding ability. Walter’s pictures are characterized by clarity, careful use of light and intuitive composition which all contributes to capturing the essence of his subject.

On photography and growing up in Canada Walter writes:

“My senses were acutely awakened in my early years by the Canadian landscape. The sky was big and mostly blue with huge fluffy white cumulus clouds. The grasses had that wonderful earthy aroma… especially just after a thunderstorm. The storms made my heart race with excitement, flashes of lightning were almost blinding and the thunder claps deafening. Sometimes the wind was so strong I could lean into it and almost imagine that I was flying. It is not surprising that I love photography and being outdoors with a camera.”

Walter has travelled the world extensively and this exhibition of landscape photographs includes pictures from Africa, Canada, Greece and the UK. Some local Bristol scenes will also be included.

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