Harveys Cellars is currently looking for artists who wish to show their work and is offering free gallery space on a commission basis.
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Winged Fox Designs

by Tina Altwegg

Tina Altwegg aka Winged Fox has been drawing since she could hold a pen. Her main inspirations are the animal world, fantastic kingdoms and folktales, but then there is the dancing, friends, laughter, riding a Vespa, and all things decorative. Her style has had many influences, such as Art Nouveau, da Vinci sketches, vintage posters, manga art, and Canadian Native art, but… is such a list ever exhaustive?

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Louisa Mahony

‘The Rough with the Smooth’

The Rough with the Smooth is an exhibition of new prints by Louisa Mahony.
Louisa’s recent group exhibitions include the Schwartz Gallery, the Charlie Dutton Gallery, The Royal Academy Summer Show 2012 (one work), the Royal Academy Summer Show 2015 (two works) and Period of Grace in Bristol.

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Sian Tudor

‘British & Californian Street Life’

Exhibited May 2015

Sian’s exhibition at Harveys Cellars in May 2015 examined a slice of British and Californian life – a blend of gritty black and white soulful essence of British city life and a glimpse of colour, vibrance and quirkiness of California life.

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Paul Kelly

‘Photo Grafitti’

Exhibited January 2015

Paul was born in Liverpool and studied Contemporary Photography at Northumbria University, obtaining a BA Honors.  Working primarily on street photography and street orientated work Paul usually works solo using the medium of Facebook to primarily publicise his works.

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Annika Wilkinson


Exhibited September 2014

A freelance illustrator and sculptor, Annika graduated with a BA Honours in Illustration from UWE Bristol In 2013.  Her work is electrifying, atmospheric and inviting and she likes to specialise in portrait work.

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Giles Barwick

‘Harveys Exhibition’

Exhibited May 2014

Giles’s inspirations have been various, ranging from close friends and local artists to people such as Conor Harrington, Hush and, more recently, Alberto Giacometti.

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Julian Quaye


Exhibited August 2013

Julian Quaye is a commercial artist with over 25 years experience. He began as a graphic designer in the 80s, producing screen-printed designs for clothing. By the 90s he was specialising in custom freehand airbrushing; anything from motorcycles and crash helmets to murals and backdrops.

Bristol-based Julian made the transition to the gallery art scene sooner than most and his works have appeared in Urban Contemporary auctions alongside Banksy, Mau Mau and Damien Hirst.

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Walter Dirks


Exhibited May 2013

A Canadian by birth Walter Dirks is a long-term resident of Bristol who has travelled the world extensively. His exhibition of landscape photographs in May 2013 included pictures from Africa, Canada, Greece and the UK.

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Liz Buckfield

‘Eclectic Life’

Exhibited April 2013

Liz’s portfolio is an eclectic mix of works, ranging from Photoshop illustrations, drawings, mixed media paintings, illustrated official documents and oil painted street signs. Her works are a commentary of modern life today, often touching on the dark and twisted realities of life but applied with comically humorous undertones; the brutal honesty of her work can sometimes be provocative and disarming to the viewer.

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Bob Gale

‘Travelling Moon’

Exhibited April 2013

Bob Gale studied painting and design at the RWA. In 1966 he showed his large scale paintings at the Bristol University Students Union. At the same time he started writing scripts for alternative theatre groups.

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Eva Freeman

‘Portraits & Landscapes’

Exhibited January 2013

This series of paintings is mainly inspired by Eva’s connection to Bristol and its surrounding counties, landscapes and people. Having lived in Bristol all her life she feels a natural affinity with its architecture and the people who live here.

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Pete Williams

‘Photographic Exhibition’

Exhibited December 2012

Pete has photographed greats such as Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Courtney Pine and David Byrne to name but a few. Click through to read the stories behind some of Pete’s fantastic images.

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Sian Tudor

‘Urban Life’

Exhibited November 2012

Sian creates pictures inspired by the essence of Bristol – the cafes, buskers, graffiti & retro shops – blending and fusing images to capture the character and life of the city.

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Mark Youd

‘Mystery Women’

Exhibited November 2012

Mark’s exhibition in November 2011 opened the Harveys Cellars Art Gallery and showcased large paintings of six women, each initially very striking and each with a different story. For example, one has a cascade of letters and words in her hair that are from a love song.
Mark kept each women’s history under wraps and kept us guessing as to who they were and what stories might be behind their beautiful pictures.

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