Winged Fox Designs

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Winged Fox Designs

by Tina Altwegg

Tina Altwegg aka Winged Fox has been drawing since she could hold a pen. Her main inspirations are the animal world, fantastic kingdoms and folktales, but then there is the dancing, friends, laughter, riding a Vespa, and all things decorative. Her style has had many influences, such as Art Nouveau, da Vinci sketches, vintage posters, manga art, and Canadian Native art, but… is such a list ever exhaustive?

Although most of her images are light-hearted and dreamy, one foot of her work is always in the real world. Her lines are fluid and dynamic, and there is a hint of a deeper world behind the curtain – all you have to do is let your imagination flow freely. While topics vary, all pieces have a story, an emotion and atmosphere to convey, and some are slightly tongue in cheek – or downright joyful.

She takes great pleasure and amusement in the fact that her audience has many different interpretations of her works.

She mainly uses pencil, pen tablet on computer and the good old paintbrush for her work. Recently, she has also experimented with spray cans, not least due to the fact that she became a tour guide of Bristol’s graffiti and street art in 2014 – introducing locals and visitors of all ages and backgrounds to Bristol’s vibrant street art scene and showing them stencilling and other techniques is an incredible privilege and has its own inimitable energy and potential.

The work currently on display was created over the last two years and celebrates our connection with nature its powers and beauty, and, if you believe in them, animal spirits. Or maybe it is about the animals we could be, we carry inside, that appeal to us – you will, most likely, have your own ideas about that.


Date:     Thursday 14th April 2016
Time:    6pm
Entry:   Free

Why not bring a friend and join us for a glass of wine and a chance to meet the artist at our exclusive private view on Thursday 14th April 2016.

Please RSVP to confirm attendance to

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